Alen Beauty is a company that has 15 years of cosmetics experience, growing the sales network of brands with the right marketing strategies in different categories of the cosmetics industry and experience in private label production.

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Maison Mon•Son

We have set out to bring luxury to your living spaces with a trilogy that we believe in harmony from within life.We imagined the harmony of the soul, body and mind with each other; the harmony of the sky, stars and nature with each other. We have discovered that trilogies combine to form a whole, and in this totality we have found beauty, peace, luck. That's how Maison Monson was born and began to grow up to accompany you in your living spaces. We were born with faith in loyalty and determination to always go forward, our circle of eternity, our Pole Star, our compass in the sky. We started with our sustainability principle. We began to grow up with love, faith, enthusiasm.

This is the story of those of us who have faith in ourselves and an innovative future with us...

The name of the story is Maison Mon•Son.


We bring out your sparkle with gelee! in this journey, which we started with the slogan 'We took our inspiration from fruits and active ingredients that will be the best for your skin. By examining all the formulas, we have designed the products with the best formulation and effect suitable for young people. We aim to make a perfect touch to your skin with our products that are ethical, clean, vegan, animal and environmentally friendly and support domestic production completely from Jul to jul.

In addition, we are moving towards being a light to our women entrepreneurs by supporting them on behalf of you in every gelee shopping you do. Thank you for being a part of this together with us!

We love our audience that follows us in curiosity!

And now;
With gelee, we are revealing your shine!

Nesos Soap

Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which forms the basis of Nesos soaps, is obtained from the carefully harvested local olives of Cunda Island.

The product range consists of Skin Care and Body Care Soaps.

100% natural, handmade boutique soaps are produced from food-grade raw materials and do not contain animal fats, harsh man-made chemicals, dyes, or coloring additives.

Bar soaps are 100% natural. It is based on extra virgin olive oil. It does not contain chemicals. Handmade, artisanal and cold-worked.

Sales Channels: Beymen, Trendyol.

MyOhMy Naturals

My Oh My Naturals aims to add color to the chirpy world of children with natural and organic products.

The product line includes 9 products, including Face Balm, Bath Ball, Body Lotion, Hand Washing Gel, Organic Body Butter, Organic Hair Lightener, Organic Face Balm, Organic Multi-Purpose Balm, Shampoo and Toothpaste.

They take us on a colorful journey while carefully providing the care that children need with their products. On this journey, they offer comfortable care to children and babies with products made of organic ingredients.

If you want to create a new brand or expand your existing brand, you can contact us!